Stuttgart is a good place to listen to and dance to live music. The local bands are great and we have been dancing to their swinging sounds for some time now. You’re going to love them. The local Jazzhall has live concerts most nights every week and that is where we have met most of them. So be curious about some new faces that will bring you songs you can cut a rug to!

We’re packing lots of dance opportunities into this weekend. We’ll be updating this info regularly!

Our venues: We care about having good floors, sound and airing. 🙂

Here’s a map of the party locations:

Thursday 2nd May, 20:00 – 23:30

Live music: “Manfred Schütt & Blue Sheep

Straight Kansas City Jazz

Location: Traditional Jazzhall Stuttgart. The name says it all – a long history of Jazz music and its lovers is connected to this place and you can feel it. Link to the Jazz Hall website

Note: Not included in the SBX Pass. Extra ticket 8€ pro person. Space is limited to 120 tickets. For those arriving on Thursday, you can book this extra ticket during registration. First come, first serve.

Friday 3rd May, till 00:30

Live music: “Universität Stuttgart Big Band”

Tried and tested, a big band that is absolutely danceable! They are looking forward to playing for us, their first time at an all Balboa event!

Location: Stadtpalais (Stuttgart City Museum) Map

Included in the SBX Full Pass.

Saturday 4th May, afternoon

DJ Party – with DJ battle

Enjoy our DJs and decide whose style you like best!

Location: Stadtpalais (Stuttgart City Museum) Map

Included in the SBX Full Pass.

Saturday 4th May, 20:00 – open end

HEADLINER Live music: “Achim Bohlender Swingtett”

Definitely one of Stuttgart Balboa’s absolute favourites and so far one of the best bands we have had the pleasure of dancing to in Europe! Reviving Benny Goodman, Achim and his gang love to play for us and we love to dance with them! That evening is gonna be crazy!

Seven come eleven – Achim Bohlender Swingtett
Lady Be Good – Achim Bohlender Swingtett

Location: Café Felix: good wooden floor, airy and a host who loves to have us dancers – an ideal place! Link to the Café Felix website


Included in SBX pass.

Sunday 5th May, afternoon

Live music: “Sascha Kommer”

An absolute original of the local dance and music scene. Amazing pianist with an endless repertoire and – “fast swing music is my speciality after all…”

Sasha’s website:

Sasha Kommer on Facebook:

Location to be announced. Included in the SBX Full Pass

Optional: Monday 6th May, 20:30 – 22:30

Swingkultur Stuttgart’s Fast Feet Social Dance

Monday is the day for the weekly Balboa and Shag classes organized by the local swing dance association Swingkultur Stuttgart at Kulturwerk. Classes are accompanied by the weekly Fast Feet Social starting from 20:30 . So if you still have not danced enough – enliven our regular social night!

General free admission.

This is how we got infected with Balboa…

The place where Stuttgart learns to balboa dance: