SBX Full pass includes (at no extra costs!) up to six hours of Bal workshops, ohne hour DJ workshop, three different city tours and a hike. See a chronological list of activities below. Details about meeting points and time will be posted shortly before SBX.


Polina & Petr (Brno, Czech Republic)

Masters of the energy: Let’s find out how we can play with the energy to keep up the flow, shine at the right time and still feel comfy. Speeding up or slowing down is the new skill to be gained.

Andrea & Akos (Budapest, Hungary)

Tension: During the class we are working through figures and moves that will help you feel how to properly build up and use tension, this invisible but essential phenomenon necessary for maintaining the mobility and stability of all leading and following moves.

Bogna & Piotr (Warsaw, Poland)

Liberate your Pure Bal: Maintain a good connection while exploring the possibilities of footwork in Pure Balboa.

Marit & Adam (Stockholm, Sweden)

Mirrored Bal: A fun workshop where we challenge both our bodies and our brains by flipping everything we know into a mirror mode. Say bye bye to your autopilot. This workshop will make you feel like a beginner once more, but also open up your dance to a whole new world of possibilities.

Samir (Zürich, Switzerland) & Mignon

Melding Movement with Music: In this class we are looking at simple patterns and how to adapt them to fit the music. With some simple examples we are looking at ways to hit certain beats in the music by prolonging or shortening the common 8-count patterns.

Celine & Edgar (Pau, France)

Crazy and spicy swivels: prepare yourself to give a more technical, crazy and spicy taste to your good traditional swivels.

Combo Balswing: One hour to eat a combo of balswing moves that may really move, jump, turn and move again.

Workshops will take place in rooms of the Theaterakademie Stuttgart with a good wooden floor. Directions can be found at the logistics page. Within your registration you will find a note telling you whether you are in group A or B – feel free to change groups (please find an exchange partner of the same role)

Closest stations: Ostendplatz (U4) & Wagenburgstraße (Bus 42, 45)

These are electives for everyone who wants to see some new concepts – and some new faces from across Europe. You might not know them yet but they are experienced mentors in their local scenes.

We believe this forum will be great for exchanging knowledge about our dancing. And the special plus is: all of them are thrilled to pass on their experience and would love to nerd out about Bal with you – and you have tons of time to do that!


DJ Workshop, Sat. 13:30 – 14:30

A 1-hour DJ mini exchange workshop on Saturday at 13.30. Join up with other DJ-enthusiasts and enjoy an hour devoted to sharing strategies for preparing your set and for keeping the dancers dancing. Topics include: Flow between titles and arcs, genres, and contrasting rhythms. This will be an interactive workshop with stations for discussion in small groups. Bring your music and especially be prepared to join in the DJ Battle at the White Noise bar right afterward. (See info on the party page.)

Location: STEYG GmbH & Co. KG – Startup.Hub.Stuttgart

Closest Station: Hauptbahnhof / Arnulf Klett Platz (main station: any S & U5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 29, 34)


SBX Social Activities

If you are up for some daytime activities that are not only dancing related and where you can get to know your fellow dancers from a new perspective.

Wedndesday 1st May hike: Fellbach – Kappelberg – Kernen Tower – Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg – Fellbach Alte Kelter

perfect weather at the Kernen tower

Friday midday: Scenic city tour with Oli. Balboa dancer Oli will take you on a sightseeing walk around Stuttgart’s heights with a great view over the city. About 2,5 h for 2,8 km with sightseeing, photo options and a stop for an ice cream. Meeting: at 11:00 at Stadtbahn-Haltestelle Charlottenplatz, in front of the SSB-Kundencenter. Oli is the guy with the SBX flyer!
Tour will take place whatever the weather.

Friday afternoon: Cultural city tour with Denise. Balboa dancer Denise will take you on a sightseeing walk around the inner city. Find out all about Stuttgart’s cultural history. About 1h. Meeting at 15:00 in front of the Rathaus (Town Hall). Tour will take place whatever the weather.

Friday afternoon/early evening: Join us for a meal

  • After the city tour around 16:30 there is the option of going to a German Brauhaus (indoor version of a beer garden) in walking distance to the dance venue Stadtpalais: Brauhaus Schönbuch or Carls Brauhaus. So join Denise and Oli for food, drinks and good society early in the afternoon – early enough to still go home and change before the party. (Sorry, but the beer garden will be closed if the weather is bad.)
  • Sonja will meet you and take you to an African Restaurant for dinner before the party. Olny for whoever registered.
  • Mignon will meet dancers in the Amadeus Restaurant, offering local Swabian and international staples (menu in German:, just across the dance venue Stadtpalais for dinner before the party. Meeting from 18:00 right there.
  • Van will meet you at the restaurant reiskorn. Smackdab in the city center, reiskorn is a local goto for vegi and vegan dinner options – but they have something for everyone on the menu. Join Van here for dinner before the Friday night party.

Saturday & Sunday: Bal Workshops – see above

Saturday or Sunday afternoon: Privates. Are you interested in a private lesson with Celine & Edgar or Polina & Petr? Register and we help you find a time and space – you will only have to pay them. (Fees noted in registration form.)

Saturday afternoon DJ Workshop – see above

Saturday evening: Join us for dinner. Join us at the dance venue Felix before the dance for some dinner (menu in German:!

Sunday midday: Waiblingen city tour with Sonja. Balboa dancer Sonja will take you on a sightseeing walk around Waiblingen. You can reach this lovely place with regional trains. Waiblingen has a picturesque old center with lots of historic buildings from the middle ages.


Further ideas of what is typical and worth seeing in Stuttgart

  • the combined zoo and botanical garden Wilhelma with its historical greenhouses
  • tour of the future train station construction site – possibly only in German – see Stuttgart 21 live
  • see Stuttgart from above: visit the Radio Tower, which inspired the SBX logo; or in the inner city the old train station tower or the top floor of the city library
  • see modern architecture in the Bauhaus Weißenhof Siedlung and the Le Corbusier Haus
  • soak yourself in one of the baths – some even with hot mineral springs
  • visit one of the many museums p.e. on local and regional history (Altes Schloss, Staatsarchiv, Haus der Geschichte, Lapidarium), art (Kunstkubus, Staatsgalerie), natural history (Rosenstein- and Löwentormuseum), ethnology (Lindenmuseum), literature (Literaturmuseum der Moderne), politics (Theodor Heuss Haus) and engineering (Porschemuseum, Daimlermuseum, Straßenbahnwelten, Feuerwehrmuseum, Gottlieb Daimler Gedächtnisstätte) or the less usual Polizeimuseum or Schweinemuseum If you don’t know how to decide – ask Mignon!


Warning: in Germany, all shops close on Sunday! Only gas stations are open and of course restaurants and such like. So do your shopping on any other day. For emergencies: Spar supermarket and drugstore in the main train station, hidden behind the food stalls.