SBX offers you some workshops. These are electives for everyone who wants to see some new concepts – and some local scene mentors from across Europe. You might not know them yet but they are experienced mentors in their local scenes.

We believe this forum will be great for exchanging knowledge about our dancing. So: Let yourself be surprised! Stay curious and see what these mentors from the European Balboa community have to offer. Get to know new faces and tricks. And the special plus is: all of them are thrilled to pass on their experience and would love to nerd out about Bal with you – and you have tons of time to do that!

Meet the Balboa enthusiasts:

Polina & Petr (Brno, Czech Republic)

Andrea & Akos (Budapest, Hungary)

Bogna & Piotr (Warsaw, Poland)

Marit & Adam (Stockholm, Sweden)

SBX Social Activities

If you are up for some daytime activities that are not only dancing related and where you can get to know your fellow dancers from a new perspective: we have a lot on offer – more or less active, more or less regional or international, more or less conservative or creative.

Registration for common and individual activities will be posted in spring.

Ideas include:

  • First of May traditional hike if you arrive early
  • tour of the city (possibly different options: focus on dancing / culture / architecture / food / vintage shopping / beer gardens)
  • typical Stuttgart “Stäffeles” tour: up and down the many stairs possibly to a statue with a history, the best ice-cream in town, a relaxing beer garden and always a beautiful view over the center.
  • visiting a cafe and enjoying an enormous amount of mouth-watering choices of cake varieties
  • meeting at a typical Southern German beer garden (they have other options than beer, too)
  • typical Stuttgart: take the cog railway uphill into the suburb for a stroll

Also, we plan on meeting early before every party to have dinner – everyone welcome who wants to join us.

Further ideas of what is typical and worth seeing in Stuttgart

  • the combined zoo and botanical garden Wilhelma with its historical greenhouses
  • tour of the future train station construction site – possibly only in German – see Stuttgart 21 live
  • see Stuttgart from above: visit the Radio Tower, which inspired the SBX logo; or in the inner city the old train station tower or the top floor of the city library
  • see modern architecture in the Bauhaus Weißenhof Siedlung and the Le Corbusier Haus
  • stroll through the Killesberg Park within one of the posh neighbourhoods, dare to climb the extremely airy Killesberg tower and calm down with a waffle at the vintage fair Eliszis
  • soak yourself in one of the baths – some even with hot mineral springs
  • visit one of the many museums p.e. on local and regional history (Altes Schloss, Staatsarchiv, Haus der Geschichte, Lapidarium), art (Kunstkubus, Staatsgalerie), natural history (Rosenstein- and Löwentorm.), ethnology (Lindenm.), literature (Literaturm. der Moderne), politics (Theodor Heuss Haus) and engineering (Porschem., Daimlerm., Straßenbahnwelten, Feuerwehrm., Gottlieb Daimler Gedächtnisstätte) or the less usual Polizeim. or Schweinem.. If you don’t know how to decide – ask Mignon!
  • get to know international Stuttgart: enjoy afternoon tea at the English Tea Room and go shopping at the English Shop, find your inner peace in the Chinese Garden above the Stuttgart City Vineyard, hang out at the Irish pub; and in April we will post possible events at the different cultural institutes (America: DAI, France: Institut Francais, Asia: Asien Haus, Hungary: Balassi Institut, Turkey: deutsch-türkisches Forum, Italy: italienisches Kulturinstitut), at the English language theater NEAT or the global IFA and Welthaus.


You all know how to use the internet to find whatever strikes exactly your liking wherever you are. But if you are looking for quick answers to where you should go to find something to eat in the center, close to most venues – we will post some suggestions here.


Warning: in Germany, all shops close on Sunday! Only gas stations are open and of course restaurants and such like. So do your shopping on any other day. For emergencies: Spar supermarket and drugstore in the main train station, hidden behind the food stalls.