We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us! So we’re organizing as much local hosting as possible. Even if you don’t get a place, we will at least assign you a local ambassador as a contact for anything Stuttgart related.

Other Accommodation

If we have more people applying for hosting than we can make possible and for anyone who would like to have some peace and quiet in between, here are some hostel style economic places:

  • The Stuttgart Youth hostel   

Good place to stay from experience – only how loud it is depends on who else is booked. Check out the pictures: wonderful view of the center means a steep uphill walk to get there!

  • Another option only in German:
  • The A&O Hostel is another budget option:
  • airbnb is also a good option in Stuttgart – prices in the city start around 30€ per night.

Note: Parallel to SBX, both the yearly “Spring Festival” (Frühlingsfest, comparable to the Oktoberfest in Munich!) and the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film are happening. Accommodation might be sold out quickly.