Event Locations:

*** Scroll down for directions from transport stops to individual venues with walking paths on maps. ***

Transport – getting around Stuttgart

Public transport: VVS

Public transport in the Stuttgart region is organized by VVS. A short version of the website in English: https://en.vvs.de/

With a VVS ticket you can use

  • local trains =S-Bahnen: http://www.vvs.de/download/SBahn_Liniennetz.pdf
  • regional trains = Nahverkehrszüge,
  • tube / subway = Stadtbahnen: http://www.vvs.de/download/Stadtbahn_Liniennetz.pdf
  • busses: http://www.vvs.de/fileadmin/user_upload/SSB-Busliniennetz_A0.pdf
  • including night busses: http://www.vvs.de/download/Nachtverkehr_Stadtgebiet_Stuttgart.pdf
  • the cog railway = Zahnradbahn and
  • the cable car = Seilbahn

in Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

You can pay for every individual way. If you need more than 2 individual ways per day the day ticket is cheaper.

There are single day tickets and group day tickets for up to 5 persons. Online tickets are generally 20 cents cheaper.

Prices depend on how far you need to go (which zones you cross). Coming from the airport you start in zone 2. Apart from that zone 1 should be enough for visiting anything SBX related. http://www.vvs.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Tarifzonenplan_1.4.2019_final_mit_Legende.pdf

Price examples:

Single day ticket online for the inner city: 5€. Group day ticket online for the inner city: 10,20 €.

Single week ticket for the inner city: 22,70 €.

There is also a special combination multiday transport pass and tourism discount card which gives free admission to many museums and various further discounts on theaters, restaurants, etc. It is called the “StuttCard Plus” and can be purchased for one day, two days or three days for 27€, 37€ or 47€ respectively. Link here. (Note: Only the “Plus” version includes transport!)

Public transport connections to and late-night transport from venues are noted directly with the party/activity. 

Maps from public transport to the venues

Finding the Thursday night party at Jazzhall Stuttgart:

The Jazzhall is very close to the metro stop “Rotebühlplatz”. This is a very central stop served by a lot of local S-bahn trains and metro lines. There is also a nearby bus stop “Wilhelmsbau”.

Thursday night venue

Getting home from Jazzhall: the N2 night bus stops at both the Wilhelmsbau and Rotebühl bus stops. See the night bus map here. Most night buses leave from the stop “Schloßplatz”, which is a 10-15 min walk from the Jazzhall.

Finding the dance workshops at the PUCK Theaterakademie:

Google maps does not give correct directions if you search directly for the PUCK academy. Best to put in the address directly. Use the map below to make your way from the bus stop (buses 40, 42, 45):

Dance workshop venue Sat and Sun morning

Finding the DJ Mini-Workshop at the Steyg Coworking Space

The Steyg Coworking Space is very close to Stuttgart Central Station. Most likely you’ll be coming by bus (40 or 42) from the morning dance workshops. Walk down Lautenschlagerstr. away from the station. Pass Conrad Electronics on your left. Then turn right into the covered alleyway just before the cafe and funiture store “Manufactum”. You’ll see little signs on the ground directing you toward Steyg. The door is back a little way and on the left. The workshop is in the 2nd floor.

DJ mini-workshop on Saturday

Finding the Friday night party at Stadtpalais

The Stadtpalais is very close to the metro stop “Charlottenplatz”:

Friday night venue

Getting home from Stadtpalais: a lot of Stuttgart’s night buses leave from the nearby bus stop “Schlossplatz” (5 mins walk on the other side of Konrad-Adenauer-Str.). See the night bus map here. Some metrolines also operate from “Charlottenplatz” station until 1 or 2. Check the schedule for your line at VVS.

Finding the Saturday night party at Cafe Felix

Cafe Felix is in the same building as a large cinema complex and very close to the metro stop “Berlinerplatz (Liederhalle)”:

Saturday night venue

Getting home from Cafe Felix: The N2 night bus runs from the nearby station “Berliner Platz”. The N10 night bus stops at the stop “Lindenmuseum” (7 mins walk). You might also walk to the station “Rotebühlplatz/Stadtmitte”. There the S-Bahn and U-Bahn also run hourly from there until 4:00 am depending on the line. You can use this website to check departure times. If that website is giving you trouble, you can also try using this one (enter start and destination).

Finding the Sunday afternoon party at Eliszis

“Eliszis Jahrmarktstheater und TangoZelt” is located in the middle of Killesberg Park on the northern end of town. You’ll need to take public transport or drive to get there. There is parking available on the street on Stresemannstr. The metro stop and bus stop “Killesberg” is just a 5 min walk in the park away from the venue:

Sunday afternoon venue

Getting to Stuttgart:

By plane

The local airport is STR, and 27 minutes local train ride (S-Bahn) from the main station, or 20 minutes by car (depending on traffic).

Frankfurt’s airport (FRA) is also quite convenient and is approximately 1 – 1,5 h by train from Stuttgart main station. Plan one hour between scheduled landing and departure of your train and you should be able to make it without running. It is a confusing building leading you far, up and down: follow exit and later the train station signs saying “FERNbahnhof” – everything else will be the local trains.

Tip to look for flights: google flights gives a good overview of flights.

By train

Stuttgart main station is internationally connected directly to Paris (3h15), Strasbourg, Salzburg, Vienna (weekend only), Zurich (3h) and with one change also to Klagenfurt, Graz, Budapest, Milano, Amsterdam, and Basel.

Tip to look for train tickets: Try the official www.bahn.de or Trainline or Goeuro.

By bus

Lots of bus transport organizations operate to / from Stuttgart: https://stuttgart-airport-busterminal.com/de/buslinien

Within Germany: many connections are offered by Eurolines and Flixbus.

Some examples of international destinations by bus:

  • Poland: Zawada via Breslau, Krapkowice, Ratibor / Krakau via Prag, Brno / Warschau / Marijampole (Warschau) via Warschau
  • Italy: Menfi via Basel, Mailand, Rom, Agrigento / Palma di Montechia via Salerno, Catania / Rom via Milan, Bologna, Florence / Venedig via Verona, Mestre / Riccia via Chiasso, Milano, Ancona / Sizilien  / Lamezia Terme via Verona, Bologna / Nardo via Rom
  • England: London via Brüssel, Rotterdam, Amsterdam
  • Greece: Thessaloniki via Igoumenitsa
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam
  • Spain: Barcelona / Malaga/Braga via Burgos 
  • Czech Republic:  Prag via Pilsen, Brno
  • Turkey: Istanbul
  • Hungary: Budapest via Győr
  • Belgium: Antwerpen / Gent via Luxemburg / Bruxelles
  • France: Grenoble via Kehl, Straßburg, Lyon / Paris via Kehl, Straßburg / Lyon via Straßburg
  • Austria: Wien 
  • Latvia: Riga via Warschau
  • … and many more cities on the Balkans, in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

By car

Stuttgart is at the center of the car industry and at the same time has an environmental problem with cars.
Note that since 2019, a partial ban of diesel cars will be in effect in the central city area. See here. So of course you can come by car – but it is expensive to find a public parking space in the city. There are no free parking spaces in reasonable walking distance to the city center. We advise you to leave your car parked privately or outside of the inner city. And before you park: be warned of all the many speed cameras around the city and in the whole region!


Hire a bike:  RegioRadStuttgart, Nextbike

Hire a car: car2go, stadtmobil, flinkster

Hire a scooter: Stella sharing